Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unique purses. Colorful Handbags. What's Your bag?

What do you carry, a handbag or a purse? Or something else completely? We have a little survey on the right of the page for the next few days, so tell us your answer. And if it is "none of the above" then tell us in the comments section. 

The meaning of the words are definitely different in the UK.  A purse is more like a coin purse or wallet. Here in the US, we are a little more casual about actual meanings. Personally, when writing I seem to use handbag more often. But when I am at a restaurant and leave without it, "I forgot my purse!"

My grandmothers and mother definitely had pocketbooks. I never really understood that one. So far I haven't uncovered any regional differences in the states like the deeply entrenched soda vs. pop vs. coke debate. Do you know of any?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section, and your vote in our quiz. Regardless of the answer, in my opinion Hester van Eeghen creates the most wonderful, colorful and unique purses, handbags, bags and yes, pocketbooks! 

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