Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Look Inside My Handbag

Despite our best efforts, we all know it is easy for our handbags to turn into a black hole of total chaos where nothing can be easily found, especially if you carry a large bag. It starts out organized but then daily life happens. What is the secret to keeping order? 

In recent blog posts I have shared with you some of Hester van Eeghen's tips for purse organization, starting with editing the contents, and then detailing how to use nesting, shapes and colors to quickly find what you need. 

Of all of these great ideas, the one I find essential is nesting (like the Russian Nesting Dolls) using smaller pouches inside my bag. 

An organized bag with several organizing pouches

Here is an example of how I organized my Macaron, a very roomy bag that I especially love to take when I travel.
The Serpentine

First I used the Serpentine as my wallet. This amazing piece has the interior slots and spaces for cards, cash, change, you name it. The added benefit of the Serpentine is that when I am traveling and in the evenings do not want to carry my large bag, I just grab out the Serpentine, pop in a lipstick and my phone and I am good to go because it can also be used as a gorgeous clutch or add the thin removable strap and it is a great cross-body mini bag (my favorite way to wear it).
The Serpentine Interior
Next I use the Lost and Found pouch for my iPod and earphones (there is nothing more annoying that those cords of the earphones). Since there are two zippers, the earphones go on one side, and the iPod on the other. I also add in earplugs so I can block out the news blaring on airport televisions or any loud talkers. This pouch is so cute with the circle zipper pulls.

The Lost and Found Pouch

Make up and lipsticks go into the Baby Quarter pouch where there is plenty of room for all the basics, as well as my vitamins and hand sanitizer.

Baby Quarter in Red

As Hester described in a previous post, different shaped pouches inside your bag make it easy to identify what you are looking for simply by feel. One of my favorite shapes, and one that is also quite quirky is the Toucan pouch. It is pretty obvious where the name comes from. I like to use this one for my pens and pencils and memory sticks. Other people like to keep their slimline reading glasses in this pouch.

The Toucan Pouch

Finally, I rely on the delightful Asteriks and Obeliks (inspired by a European comic book) pouches for my keys and receipts, respectively. 

The Asteriks is specially made as a slimline pouch to hold your keys so when you carry them in your pocket, it doesn't bulge and also so your pocket lining is safe from getting holes from the pointy keys.

The extra cool thing about the Asteriks, is that it is also convenient for when you go to the gym and don't want to carry a bag. Just pull out the keys and use the attached pouch to keep your driver's license, a credit card and some cash. 

Asteriks Key Pouch
The Obeliks is where I stash all those receipts and extra pieces of paper that can clutter things up fast. A practical and neat way to keep track of business expense receipts and the like. 
Obeliks Pouch
I personally like getting the wide selection of accessories to organize, and I go for a range of colors instead of trying to have everything match. I find that Hester's advice on this is spot on. The different shapes help me find things without looking, just by feel. The different colors help me find things quickly when I can look inside my bag. Besides, it is so nice to look inside my organized bag and see such a joyful range of colors!

Of course if I let the discipline of putting receipts in their right place slip, or just toss an item directly in the bag and not into a pouch, then it quickly spirals out of control. But life happens and so does being in a hurry. So every now and then I take a couple minutes and regroup and let the pouches keep it all contained!

What are your favorite HVE accessory items?



  1. Thanks Yahya! It feels/looks so good when everything is organized! Luckily that is most days...admittedly not all. :-)