Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hester van Eeghen Shoes and Boots - For The Men

Hester is a firm believer that men should be able to express themselves with color just as much as women do.  Her shoe collection for men gives them the opportunity to do so in a confident and stylish way.

My husband has a pair of the multicolored suede boots in two shades of turquoise blue (yes, like Elvis) and they look amazing on him. I want him to get a pair of the black leather boots with the purple elastic insets next, I love those.

What do you think? Would love to hear your opinions!

P.S. Remember, you can get these shoes by going to Hester's new store for men on Hartenstraat in Amsterdam. Sadly, the store does not ship to the U.S., nor are they available in the online boutique.


  1. I wanna meet a man with shoes like this!!!!
    love from Amsterdam, Holland, Heleen

  2. Heleen - It is definitely a sign of confidence, style and individuality! All good qualities in a man! -Debby