Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hester van Eeghen Shoes and Boots - The Sequel

If there is one thing Hester loves as much as handbags, it is shoes. And her enthusiasm goes way beyond your typical female fashionista's weakness for a gorgeous pair of heels.

As a child Hester was entitled to one pair of shoes a year. If she wanted any more she had to buy them herself. So all the extra pocket money she earned was spent on beautiful shoes. "They were like showpieces in my room," Hester shared. "I would postpone putting the shoes on my feet for at least a few days so I could look at them. I even took my new shoes to bed with me the first few nights. I placed a shoe on either side of my pillow so that I could smell the new leather and see the beautiful little works of art no matter which way I turned my head."

I must admit, as a child I spent my money on albums (yes, actual LPs) not shoes like Hester. I didn't develop my footwear passion until I was much older. But I love them now and I personally have four pair of Hester's boots and one pair of shoes. I would have more shoes, but every time I have the luck to be in Amsterdam I always see a new pair of boots I must have, and I am partial to boots.

Hester's shoe and boot designs are in large part influenced by her background. "Dutch women are quite active and prefer flat shoes. We are not used to bicycling in high heels!" Hester said with a smile. "I do design high heels, but I call them 'sit shoes.' Still, I have always liked the combination of grace and comfort and I design with that objective."

Here are more photos of Hester's wonderful designs!*

Next's all about the men!


* Remember, you need to visit Hester's shoe store in Amsterdam to acquire her footwear! They do not ship to the U.S. and they are currently not available in the online boutique.

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  1. It is a shame that could not be acquired in his shop online, really they seem to me to be wonderful with an elegant and informal style simultaneously