Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hester van Eeghen Shoes - Yes, Shoes!

I have to warn you right now, that this is the first in a series of posts that may leave you with pangs of envy. You might spend the next 24 hours plotting a way to re-route your next vacation to Amsterdam. Because unless you have easy access to that most wonderful Dutch city, you will have a hard time acquiring these objects of desire.

That is why I haven't mentioned before that Hester van Eeghen not only designs the most creative and artful handbags in the world (my opinion), she also designs shoes.

In 2001, Hester's passion for shoes was channeled into her very own shoe and boot designs. And ten years after she opened her flagship Amsterdam store for handbags at Hartenstraat 37,  she opened her store dedicated to shoes down the street at Hartenstraat 1.

Hester van Eeghen's master Italian craftsmen produce such small quantities of each shoe that you rarely will see precisely the same leathers in the same design. In fact, chances are that the exact shoes featured in the photos I am posting below may not even exist today--but I guarantee you that a pair equally as magical will be there in her store. And as you might expect from Hester, her shoes are unique, expressive and charismatic.

And now, a little eye-candy!*

More photos of shoes and boots, including styles for men, will be coming soon in my next posts.


* Remember, you need to visit Hester's shoe store in Amsterdam to acquire her footwear! They do not ship to the U.S. and they are currently not available in the online boutique.


  1. Why? Once a person knows her HVE shoe size, online ordering would seem appropriate.

  2. I wish it was that simple. The fit of each style varies a bit so trying on in person is crucial. Also, her business is quite small compared to major brands and in order to provide an excellent customer experience the costs would be prohibitive since returns are quite likely due to fit issues. Hope this makes more sense.

  3. Hi Debby:

    I was just in Amsterdam and saw a bag in the boutique. The shop was closed on Sunday. Will they send the bag to me directly in the US? I would prefer not to buy it online, as the difference is over $200 USD. Thanks for any info.

  4. Well, I guess I need to make a trip!! :)