Monday, October 3, 2011

The New Home of HVE US: Rhinebeck, NY

Welcome to the delightful town of Rhinebeck New York, new home of the luxury handbag online boutique, Hester van Eeghen US! 
Rhinebeck, a community of roughly 8,000 settled by the Dutch around 1686, is a wonderful U.S. parallel to Hester van Eeghen's home town of Amsterdam. The influence and traditions still exist, including Sinterklaas, a distinctly Dutch celebration in December. We will definitely be talking more about that in coming months.
Rhinebeck has a lovely downtown Village with a vibrant local business district, including the country's oldest operating inn, The Beekman Arms. I describe the area as "upscale rural" and the population most definitely has a very discerning palate and taste level.  The Culinary Institute of America is located just down the road in Hyde Park and many of the highly trained chefs settle in the Rhinebeck area. Add in a strong community of small organic farms and local produce growers and you get foodie heaven. 
With the close proximity to NYC, we are planning some special events in the city that will give people the chance to touch and see the gorgeous Hester van Eeghen bags in person, as well as meet Hester herself! Stay tuned. 
If you ever find yourself in the Rhinebeck area (the leaves will be turning soon) and want to visit, be sure to email me at, or give me a call 845-418-4831 for recommendations in the area and to see the bags in person.
Hope to see you soon! 


  1. I'm so grateful you have an online handbag boutique. It allows me to shop from the comfort of my home round-the-clock. I really enjoy the new collection. Thanks for bringing the luxury line from Amsterdam home to me.

  2. Kristi - thanks for the comment, and so glad you love the collection. Shopping in PJs does kind of rock!