Thursday, March 24, 2011

Appreciating The Sartorialist

One of my favorite blogs is The Sartorialist. Have you read it?

The images are rich and inspiring. Naturally, I look at the photos and imagine which Hester van Eeghen bag would look best on each person!

The Sartorialist is Scott Schuman who began his career in the fashion industry, then transitioned to photography expressing his passion through his blog. He states that his only strategy was to "shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process." He continues, "Rarely do they look at the whole outfit as a yes or no but they try and look for the abstract concepts of color, proportion, pattern mixing or mixed genres."

The Sartorialist also created a video for This one stops people on the street to ask them about their personal style. I love how many of them admit to splurging on handbags. I look forward to the day when he stops someone carrying a Hester van Eeghen bag.

Treat yourself to some eye candy and enjoy the fashion. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ON TREND: Bold Color and WHITE

White Spring Color Trend Reported by Refinery29

Head-to-toe white is another strong trend this Spring, and what better way to wear it than with just the right pop of color in your handbag. Here is a selection of HVE bags that would pair well with these looks. Bags below pair top to bottom with the looks above, left to right.
HVE St. Moritz, Blue
HVE Klipper, Red
Cross-body HVE Montignac, Grey/Turquoise
HVE Cafe Clutch, Lime

Monday, March 14, 2011

ON TREND: Bold Color for Spring - Part 2

Blue and rich earth tones were two color trends for Spring 2011 identified by Refinery29. The versatility and beauty of these tones, just like Hester van Eeghen's designs, are timeless and actually transcend trends, fitting in perfectly with the season's visual bounty.

Refinery29 Blue Color Trend

HVE Klipper in Midnight Blue

Refinery29 Earth Color Trend

HVE's Custard, Diagonal Wallet and Woody in Cognac, Cream, and Black

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ON TREND: Bold Color for Spring

Everywhere you look this Spring 2011 is bold, unapologetic color. Whether you dive in with color blocking, use bold color as an accent or somewhere in between, Hester van Eeghen's designs are the perfect expression.

Refinery29 has a wonderful summary of Spring's most popular colors and here is a peek at the HVE bags that pair perfectly. Here are the first two color trends...

Refinery29 Pink
HVE Cafe Clutch in Rose

Refinery29 Yellow

HVE Brioche in Yellow and Orange

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why "Handcrafted in Italy" Matters

"...Italian craftsmen say I make, therefore I am..."

A master Italian craftsman creating distinctive HVE wallets 

Why does it really matter that HVE bags are created by hand in Italy by the finest craftsmen? Quality, Passion, Integrity, and Culture.

Hester van Eeghen believes that you can recognize the true meaning of creation when you witness the pride of craftsmanship in Italy's artisans.

"Rene Descartes said I think, therefore I am. The Italian craftsmen say I make, therefore I am," Hester van Eeghen replied when I asked her why she insists on producing her unique luxury handbags in Italy. "Quality is a choice. Going for the best is a choice."

"They are what they do," says Hester. "What they create with their own hands is so completely personal to them. They care deeply and have a profound connection to their work."

It is that intense connection of the craftsmen, in addition to their skill, that makes Hester's creations so special. You can feel that commitment in her bags, starting with Hester's passion and vision, all the way through to their physical creation as the bags come to life. "You've heard of Haut Cuisine, well, what these italian artists create is Haut Cuir (High Leather)," Hester stated.

She also has a commitment to preserving the artisan culture in Italy. As more production moves to lower cost countries the leather craft community in Italy, vibrant for many generations, is at risk.

Hester van Eeghen's designs are distinctive and would stand on their design alone no matter where they are created. Certainly the items would be less expensive and profits could be increased if the bags were mass produced in China or some other low-cost country. But there is a special quality, an essential spirit of passion and integrity and history, which would be lost. And for Hester, that special passion and culture is just as important to her as her design.

When you own an HVE bag you not only have an amazing addition to your wardrobe, you also have  functional piece of art that was created with the heart and soul of its designer and craftsmen. And you help keep an important crafts culture alive and thriving in Italy.

(L to R) Odette Hoogland, a master Italian craftsman, and Hester van Eeghen
(Note the other bags this craftsman is responsible for creating)