Sunday, April 24, 2011

Design Inspiration: Hester on the Artist Sonia Delaunay

It's a joy, she makes me happy, hopefully as I make other people happy. It's a kind of continuum.  
- Hester van Eeghen

Hester van Eeghen recently was in New York City on a press tour and had the opportunity to experience an exhibit of one of her favorite artists, Sonia Delaunay, at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Known primarily as an abstract painter and colorist, Sonia Delaunay applied her talents and theories to all areas of visual expression, including graphics, interiors, theater and film, fashion and textiles. A trademark of Delaunay's work is the sense of movement and rhythm created by the simultaneous contrasts of certain colors. - Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

Just as color is a cornerstone of Delaunay's work, Hester van Eeghen believes that color is essential to her own designs and expression.  As an inspiration, she shares that Delaunay is "my's coming home."  Enjoy this short interview with Hester van Eeghen describing Delaunay's work and how it relates to her own designs.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

NEW ARRIVAL: In the Clouds Wallet

Crafted by the hands of a true Italian master, the intricate cloud-like design revealed inside this stunning wallet is a work of true beauty.

These gorgeous wallets are part of an entire series of designs inspired by gazing above at a beautiful sky. Handcrafted in Italy of soft and smooth Italian calfskin, the wallets feature five credit card pockets, a large paper money compartment that comfortably accommodates Euros as well as US currency, three additional sections for special items and a snap closure coin purse. Highly functional and beautiful, the In The Clouds is a joy to carry.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Mesmerizing like colorful tropical fish.

A visit to the aquarium inspired the design, and name, of this delightful little bag. Hester found herself entranced by the schools of vibrant tropical fish and their exuberant colors, swimming in total synchronization. She wanted to capture a little bit of that magic in the form of a small handbag, a little fishy of your own to carry with you and make you smile.

This spirited clutch transforms into a mini cross-body/shoulder bag with its removable strap. The expandable interior and multiple compartments make the most of a small space.

HVE Fishy in Pink, Interior View

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Monday, April 11, 2011

NEW ARRIVAL: Ladies First

This just in - a contemporary and confident office bag for the ladies who favor clean lines, sophistication and professional functionality. The HVE Ladies First bag is strength and style, beautifully expressed.

The HVE Ladies First, in Taupe with Orange

The Ladies First office bag comfortably fits a 15" laptop and your other work essentials. The bag is structured and covered with slightly padded soft Italian calfskin for simultaneous durability and a luxurious touch.

The HVE Ladies First, in Taupe with Orange
Interior View

The top leather overlap closes with a magnetic snap. The interior features two large sections, a zip compartment divider, and several organizing pockets, including one for smart phones.

The bag is presented in Taupe with Orange handles and accents, as well as Grey with Turquoise handles and accents.

The HVE Ladies First, in Grey with Turquoise

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visual Appreciation, Imagination and Packaging Ourselves

I came across this wonderful short (6 min) film about visual appreciation and design on one of my favorite blogs. It reminded me of many of the things I have heard Hester say about her work and her approach. It also got me to thinking about why I personally love her designs so much.

The film features Michael Wolff, an iconic designer and founder of branding firm Wolff Olins. He reflects on packaging the self, creativity and visual understanding. This first quote below resonated with me and why I like to carry Hester van Eeghen bags. They say something about me. Their unique designs and qualities are beautiful in unexpected ways.

"I have to package myself in a way that reveals who I am.  So there’s a certain packaging of human beings that takes place in order to reveal ourselves authentically, or in order to pretend to be something other than what we are.” ~ Michael Wolff

The other quote that struck me was this one about creativity and imagination.

"I have three muscles, without which I couldn’t do my work. The first is curiosity. (You can call it inquisitiveness, you can call it questioning.) The second muscle [is] the muscle of appreciation. It’s not questioning so much as it is noticing… how joyful things can be, how colorful things can be, what already exists as an inspiration. The muscle of curiosity and the muscle of appreciation enable the muscle of imagination."

"If you walk around with a head full of preoccupation, you're not going to notice anything in your visual life."~ Michael Wolff

Hester van Eeghen clearly has a rich and fulfilling visual life. She is constantly inspired by her surrounding and sketches ideas for new bags on any surface available to her at the time. She describes the essential design elements and her process as including beauty, passion, shape, color and surprise.

Being able to appreciate our visual surroundings contributes to a richer life. And designers like Michael Wolff and Hester van Eeghen, who can express their creativity and capture our imaginations are real gifts.

What is your visual experience? How do you package yourself?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Complimentary Shipping Announcement is now offering complimentary standard shipping - both ways!

No minimum order amounts.
No special codes.
And that includes complimentary shipping for any returns you might need to make as well.

(Of course that is standard shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. You can read all the details here.)

There is no doubt that the most satisfying buying experience for Hester van Eeghen bags is in person, at the lovely flagship store on Hartenstraat, where you can smell the leather, feel the textures, see the quality and try it on your arm.

However, since only a lucky few can get to Amsterdam on a regular basis, we are making shopping on the next best thing to being there.  Hopefully you will agree that complimentary shipping--both ways--makes shopping at a better, more reassuring experience.

We just so happen to have some new arrivals in the boutique. Come check them out and know you can now shop without hesitation and touch and feel the bags at home!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NEW ARRIVAL: The Inner Circle

You trust your closest friends and confidantes to carry your secrets and dreams.
They are your inner circle.

Now you can trust Hester van Eeghen's Inner Circle to carry your everyday treasures and essentials. This shoulder bag is ready to change for you, into whatever you need most.

You see, the HVE Inner Circle  is unique and flexible because it is actually two pieces in one. It is thoughtfully cosmopolitan...

The main bag and its removable "sidecar" clutch can we worn together or separately for maximum versatility. If you want to travel light for a night on the town but don't want to change out bags, simply detach the clutch by unsnapping one of the shoulder straps. You can use the single shoulder strap on the clutch or carry it alone.

Big enough and small enough, the Inner Circle will be devoted to you day in and day out. A perfect "every day" purse that is still very fashion forward, the Inner Circle comes in a vibrant "happy" blue and popping cherry red, both very on trend this Spring. You will also find their quieter sister, a subtle and timeless dove grey.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

ON TREND: Color Blocking

This Spring one of the biggest trends is color blocking, a styling technique that combines different colors that pair well and complement each other. Hester van Eeghen is a master of color blocking, and has used the technique for decades. It is most definitely one of her design signatures.

Color blocking is actually timeless, and always has powerful visual impact. It was only a matter of time until the official fashion trend caught up with it...again.

In case you missed it, Hester van Eeghen's Monocle bag was featured in a color blocking story in March's MORE Magazine. The Monocle is a perfect visual example and stunning way to carry off the trend through an accessory.

Even celebrities and the Fashion Police love it. If you want to explore more about creating outfits using color blocking, here is a good article, Color Blocking for Beginners.

Shop Now for HVE color blocked handbags to be on trend this Spring, and to look stunning for a lifetime.

I have assembled a few color blocked outfits to try out, are you going to give it a go too?

Sunday, April 3, 2011


The Bon Bon in Stunning Yellow

Delicious arm candy!

This unique and stunning bag from Hester van Eeghen is a perfect way to celebrate the coming of Spring and all the bold and beautiful colors that are very popular this season.

The Bon Bon in Pink, Open

The pleasing sculptural shape is complemented by the elegant interlocking metal handles that open and close the framed aperture. A fabulous fit for the crook of your arm.

Like all Hester van Eeghen bags, the Bon Bon is handcrafted in Italy, sculpted in soft Italian leather.

Tea Cozy
One of Hester's inspirations for this imaginative bag was her grandmother's tea cozy, simple yet beautiful, dutifully keeping the tea pot warm on chilly Amsterdam days.

Her other inspiration, as you might have guessed, was bon bons, delicious candies with beautiful, colorful wrappers.

Bon is French for "good." Saying it twice is even better.

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