Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration. Hester van Eeghen's Design Ideas

One of the things that I admire about Hester van Eeghen is that she is so attuned with her surroundings. When I have the pleasure of spending time with her I always notice how she lives in the moment and sees things I don't see. And she sees them in a different way, through her eyes as an artist, a designer, and a problem-solver.

"My senses are always active. Wherever I am I transform reality impressions into an object."
-Hester van Eeghen

Years ago, Hester was on holiday in Egypt, relaxing along the Nile, and the Felucca boats which have sailed there for centuries inspired her Felucca bag.

The Felucca

"My senses are always active. Wherever I am I transform reality impressions into an object," states Hester, describing her creative experience. "Sitting on the highest mountain with the view of all the different down hill slopes inspired me to make a wallet with all compartments in diagonal lines and in different colors." (the Diagonal Wallet). 

The Diagonal Wallet

"But the behavior of people can inspire as well as objects or beauty, like when I saw a harried woman in the bus trying to find her ticket and not being able to because of the huge size of her bag," Hester continued. "I imagined the perfect organized purse so that life becomes light and easy for her. So this constant awareness helps me to create and always have ideas!"

The Serpentine Bag

Inspiration is all around us. Hester just sees it more than most, and definitely in different ways in her imagination. I for one, can't wait to see what has inspired her next.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun With Design Transformations

Hester van Eeghen is fond of incorporating transformational elements into her designs to increase functionality, enhance the visual impact and add a bit of surprise and delight.

Here are a few of Hester's more dramatic bag transformations...

The Butterfly Shoulder/Cross-body Bag

The Montignac Cross-Body Satchel

The Reversible Attache'

The Harmonica Evening Bag

The elements of surprise and transformation are part of makes Hester van Eeghen's designs so distinctive and beloved.

While we are on the topic, I found this very cute video on the SwissMiss blog featuring transforming shoes! Enjoy!

- Debby

(Which are your favorites? Did you enjoy the shoes?)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Madame Grès - Inspiration

Photo from the New York Times article.
Credit: Pierre Antoine

While in paris on a recent trip, Hester found  a kindred spirit and a source of inspiration in designer Madame Grès, at an amazing exhibition in Paris at the Musee Bourdelle.

“I wanted to be a sculptor — for me it is just the same to work with fabric or stone” 
- Madame Grès

Grès is the legendary creator of the draped dress, and just as she draped fabric, Hester drapes and works with leather in her creations.  Who knows what wonderful new bag design Hester will create as a result of seeing this beautiful exhibition! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Conversation With A Hester van Eeghen Purse Enthusiast

"They are part of what makes me happy when I walk out the door"
- Amy K.

Meet Amy K., one of Hester van Eeghen's most loyal and enthusiastic collectors. Recently, Hester and I were in New York and had the pleasure of meeting Amy and chatting with her. What an interesting and amazing woman!

Amy shared the story of the first time she saw one of Hester's purses. It was her sister's Felucca, a gift from her husband who had traveled to Amsterdam. Amy's reaction? "I had extreme envy! If she hadn't been my sister, I may have resorted to extreme measures to get it!" And thus started Amy's passion for Hester van Eeghen's amazing purses.

In fact, Amy's passion was so strong that she shared a story with us about the time she deliberately took a connecting flight through Amsterdam instead of flying direct to Barcelona to visit her niece, just so she could shop at Hester's stores! (That sounds familiar...)

"One of the things I like about your purses," Amy said, "is that the leather quality is magnificent, and I have found that to be true regardless of the type of leather, smooth or textured, it is always first rate." 

Then, the topic turned to Hester's bag designs as a form of wearable art. Watch this short (3:30) video of their conversation. 


I love that Hester's purses make Amy feel happy and that the "little delights" remind her to smile. I agree, that wonderful bright pink leather lining of my Klipper always lifts my mood.

Do your clothes or purses affect your moods? Do you have a story about Hester van Eeghen purses? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

- Debby

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Arrivals of Gorgeous Handbags

There are new arrivals of gorgeous handbags, wallets and accessories that are featured right now in Hester's online boutique. Take a look!

My favorite of the moment is the Serata, featured as a must-have find in the latest edition of Women's Wear Daily's Accessories. The unexpected proportions make this clutch uniquely cosmopolitan and fashion forward, and the removable strap transforms the Serata into a distinctive shoulder bag.
The Serata in Red, Yellow, Kiwi and Blue  $595

Named the Italian word for "evening," the bag embodies the desire for a long, wonderful evening out. Take Serata along to your Summer parties, its long shape will always make your hand look more refined. The Serata can carry far more than your lipstick and smart phone, there is space for your wallet and glasses, compartments for love letters, and a zipper pocket for your real secrets!

The Serata in Red, Open

As a shoulder bag, the Serata has the sleek and polished look for business and day wear, complementing everything from power suits to sweater sets to a great pair of jeans. And best of all, the timeless appeal of this sophisticated clutch takes it from this season to the next and beyond.

Shop the Serata now.

I hope you enjoy the new Hester van Eeghen treasures. Tell me which are your favorites!

- Debby

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Custard: The Ultimate Messenger Bag

The Custard is a classic cross-body messenger bag elevated to head-turning style statement. Essential for everyday wear and large enough to carry a laptop, the Custard is handcrafted with buttery Italian leather and rich contrasting colors.

Close-up view of the Custard side and inside flap

The strap is wide and comfortable, strong textile reinforced with leather with a leather shoulder pad. The inside is lined with a durable, vibrant and soft pigskin and fine textile. There are convenient zip pockets on the front flap, inside under the flap and in the interior compartment. The front flap closes with magnetic snaps.

Take a closer look at the Custard and other gift ideas in the Father's Day Gift Guide video.