Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color Story: Hester's Unique Designs in a Unique NYC Store

Once upon a time there was a store like no other. STORY. 

"Story is a space that has the point of view of a magazine. 
It changes every six weeks like a gallery." 
- Rachel Shechtman, Founder and Owner

The first story Rachel launched was Love Story. You can see it featured in the video below, along with wonderful commentary. And now, the second volume of Story has come to life, Color Story, and Hester van Eeghen was invited to be part of it -- a perfect fit. 

The entire store was transformed into this spectacular celebration of color!

Hester van Eeghen's radiant reds are displayed in the Serata, the Fishy Stingray Clutch, and the Amazon Clutch
Story is perfectly located on New York City's 10th Avenue, at the corner of 19th Street. The space radiates next to new galleries and across the street from the amazing park The High Line.

The Cafe Clutch by Hester van Eeghen in glorious green

Hester's Confetti bag once again, with the vibrant yellow and orange Brioche cross-body bag
The Grey section includes Hester's Confetti and the seemingly innocent Money Clip Wallet with grey exterior.
And seemingly upon a throne is Hester's stunning Klipper bag in magnificent grey.

"People want more from an experience 
now that they have less time."
- Rachel Shechtman

Two Baby Quarters and a Money Clip with their other Purple friends
See if you can find all Hester's bags in this picture. Included are: Brioche, Macaron, Serata, and the Fishy Stingray.

If you live in the New York area, or are planning a visit, you should definitely stop by Story for a chance to see Hester van Eeghen's amazing handbags, in person, on this side of the Atlantic and to experience this amazing new retail concept. 

And of course, you can shop anytime in our online boutique and get items sent to your home risk free with free shipping both ways. 


  1. The store looks amazing. Love the colors. Will stop in.

  2. Amazing concept. I love the intense level of detail to make retail an experience.