Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hester van Eeghen, The Book!

Hester van Eeghen makes you look fabulous with her incredible handbag and shoe designs...now it is time for your coffee table to look a little more stylish!

Originally published in 2008, "Hester van Eeghen: Bag and Show Design," has been reprinted and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as in Hester's flagship store in Amsterdam.

Inside the book you will find stunning photos of Hester's iconic handbag designs, a biography and history of Hester van Eeghen and her entrance into the world of design, and photos of her delightful shoes and boots for women and men. One of the most fascinating parts of the book is the chapter on "Preserving the Craft" which includes very special images of her Jubilee anniversary designs that were auctioned to raise money for her foundation to preserve leather crafts.  (I find myself wishing she would make "Secrets of the Sea" a regular in her collection.)  

"Secrets of the Sea" one-of-a kind anniversary bag

And of course, it just wouldn't be a Hester van Eeghen creation without a special surprise! The book includes a custom-designed pop-up by David A. Carter, beloved designer of pop-up books for all ages. David designed this whimsical pop-up page specifically for Hester and captured the elements of her shoe designs, the Monocle "eye" and the Harmonica bag. 

A Pop-up Surprise designed for Hester by David A. Carter

If you get the book, tell me which bags are your favorites! 

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