Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pull Up A Chair... Hester Designs Furniture

"Melting Elements" furniture by Hester van Eeghen

Just as in her amazing handbags, Hester van Eeghen's foray into furniture design reveals exuberant color, compelling shapes and delightful transformations.

The world's first look into Hester's new world is with the "Melting Elements" design. I asked Hester a few questions about her exciting new adventure into furniture.

Q. Why did you begin designing furniture?
A. I started to design furniture as another expression of my constant stream of ideas.  Combined with that I met a furniture producer who is technically capable to realize all my detailed design wishes and who invited me ‘draw’ something.

Q. Was the creative process different for you when designing the furniture compared to when you design bags?
A. No absolutely not. To design shapes starts with a concept in the mind. Whether these shapes are meant to sit on or to put something in, is actually ‘almost’ the same. The designing rules are the same: the form has to be interesting/exciting, the system must be surprising and the coloring must be pleasant, shocking or misleading.

Q. I know that leather is a muse for you, will your furniture designs be in leather or other materials?
A. To start with we shall work in wool or felt, when we are convinced to produce the objects, we must work in leather.

Q. Tell us about the inspiration for these "melting element” chairs
A. I love repetition, in music, in arts, and in....... in this case I wanted to start with a humble sitting object becoming a couch, becoming a long serpentine like sofa, just like a chain in jewelry where the repetition makes the length of the sofa an ‘endless sofa.'

Q. How many other designs do you have in the works?
There are 7 designs going to be made in the furniture factory. But you must wait a little while to see the others!

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  1. Ooooh, these are very cool. I like how these relate to her gorgeous handbags as well.