Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hester van Eeghen designs for the Royals

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Hester van Eeghen, and other artists and dignitaries at the opening of the Oranienbaum Palace Exhibit
Hester van Eeghen was hand selected to be part of a special group of artists commissioned to create modern masterpieces for the restoration of a Dutch Palace in Germany. And the secret works were revealed at last in a ceremony where Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and President Gauck of Germany opened the exhibition, (Gauck's first public appearance as the new President).

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (center, in purple) and President Gauck of Germany 

About an hour's drive from Berlin, you will find a restored estate, an island of Dutch Orange in the heart of Germany, that was built for Henriette Catharina, the Princess of Anhault-Dessau in 1660. The estate and village were named Oranienbaum (Orange Tree) to honor her royal family heritage, The Dutch House of Orange.

A major restoration project has brought this unique gem of Dutch heritage back to life in Germany, and to celebrate, Oranienbaum Palace is hosting an exhibition of contemporary Dutch Design and Fashion. Some 50 rooms in the palace feature examples of contemporary excellence in craftsmanship: furniture, jewelry, glass, ceramics, hand-sewn fashion pieces and luxurious leather accessories. 

Oranienbaum Palace Courtyard 

Of special note are the items which where specially commissioned for this historical event. A select group of Dutch designers were hand-selected to craft a piece incorporating the history, the setting, the modern interpretation of the events. Hester van Eeghen was one of this special group of designers and she created a magnificent piece.

In imagining and creating this piece, Hester asked herself 'what would a 2012 luggage set look like if it were made of Golden Age gilded leather?' Hester van Eeghen bought some of the genuine article at an auction and transformed it into bags for the exhibition. The 17th century gilded leather was originally produced for a canal-side house on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, but now has this second life as a magnificent object--craftsmanship at its very best!

Hester van Eeghen celebrating with her stunning creation for the exhibition

Close-up of the complex interior of Hester's design
Close-up of the exterior of Hester van Eeghen's design

The Exhibition of Crystal

Hester admiring the work of other designers

Henriette Catharina, The Princess of Anhault-Dessau

We think Henriette Catharina, the Princess of Anhault-Dessau approves of this exhibition and ceremony bringing beautiful splendid items back to her home. If you find yourself in Germany, you can see all this beauty for yourself, as the exhibit runs through September 30, 2012. View the Oranienbaum for details.

Congratulations to Hester van Eeghen for this tremendous honor, for once again designing for the Queen, and for creating such an exquisite piece. (Now, when we can all get one!?)

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